Climate Controlled Storage

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All Climate Controlled units feature a drive up loading dock area with a coded locked entry door, large automated loading dock doors, a moving cart and timer activated lighting. Each customer is given a code for the outer door and then the tenants own padlock is placed on the unit door. Moving couldnt be easier.


5x5x9 with a 3x8 door opening this is the size of a large closet. It can easily hold a chest of drawers, file boxes even a bike if stored on end. This is perfect for holiday decorations, extra office supplies or paperwork, or the contents of the average dorm room.

5x10x9 with a 3x8 door opening this is the size of a large walk-in closet. It will hold a long dresser, or couch as well as a mattress and box springs, bed frame, a chest of drawers, 10-15 boxes, a bike, etc. Putting a couch on end allows for even more storage area. Using the flat surfaces of tables and dressers to stack chairs or boxes increases the amount that can be stored. Dont forget to put smaller boxes under tables. An entire office including furniture, equipment and files will fit easily in this unit. Consider this unit for storage of one room of furniture.

10x5x9 with an 8x8 door opening while being the size of a large walk-in closet, the configuration of this unit allows for easy access to nearly the entire unit. It is ideal for anyone needing frequent access i.e., sales people, small business people, hobbyists.

8x10x9 with a 5x8door opening this unit will accommodate the contents of an efficiency apartment; a couch, chairs, end tables, small kitchen set, bed frame and mattress, kitchen supplies, clothing, bedding, books, TV, bikes, etc. Again, stacking boxes on top of flat surfaces and under tables will increase the storage capacity.

10x10x9 with a 4x8 door opening this unit will hold the contents of a three room apartment, including furniture, some major appliances, king or queen sized mattress, bed frame, kitchen supplies, household contents, clothing, etc. It is best for someone not needing regular access but keeping everything in storage until the next move.

10 x10x9 with an 8x8 door opening this unit will hold the contents of a 1-2 bedroom apartment including some major appliances, king or queen sized mattresses, etc. Consider putting the couch on end to increase the storage capacity. Disassemble tables when possible and bed frames for maximum use of the space. And always store boxes under tables and on top of flat surfaces. Using sturdy, uniformly sized boxes will allow stacking to take advantage of the vertical space. The large door opening allows for ready access.